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Our focus is principally on industrial and service based companies. We know the market our clients are trying to reach, we understand their product lines and the problems they face. With more than 33 years experience, we work on behalf of our clients to help them meet their goals.

The success of any company depends on its people. Our customers tell us that they enjoy working with us and they feel confident knowing our people are trained to listen and gather information from their customers without judgment or comment. Complete, thoughtful, understanding and professional are words used by our clients describing our services. With our years of experience, our survey department is sure to meet your expectations.

The primary focus of our Research Department is to provide solutions helping measure, interpret, and manage customer loyalty. Our clients have expressed their need to track and project retention of their customer base. They can then identify customers that are at risk and develop strategies that will have the most impact. We help develop a customer satisfaction index that identifies needed changes in operational or business practices. We provide systematic follow-ups and future product or services needs; thus ensuring longer more profitable relationships for our clients and their customers.

Every day your business has the opportunity to either gain a customer or lose a customer. What really determines who is a customer can be described as the difference between a consumer who is merely aware of your business and stops in on the rare occasion, or the person with whom you have a 10 year relationship and who is willing to sign another service contract.

In order for your business to grow, you need to know what customers at all stages of commitment are thinking about your firm; its products and services, its competition. What do they believe you are doing right? What could you do better? What could you stop doing? How do you compare to your competition? Our customer loyalty satisfaction research has led us to concentrate on four main areas of research:

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Our hand-picked team has the ideal combination of technical knowledge, academic credentials and real-world experience. Our team delivers confidence and consistency.

Disciplined processes ensure the utmost reliability in your answers. Our follow-up and communication are critical elements to your success.

We create customized solutions to help you meet your goals. Our team excels in creative ways to solve your problems, bringing tremendous technical expertise to each assignment.

Premier companies turn to us because we listen carefully and take the time to understand their business situation. We deliver without any “surprises

Our in-house capabilities provide quality control, speed and cost efficiency. We believe in delivering both confidence and value with state of the art services.

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Rigid scientific discipline is necessary for accurate measurement of customer loyalty. Over the years we have developed, refined and validated behavioral models that provide an accurate measurement and projection of customer attitudes, behaviors, and loyalty. We pre-test surveys with a sub-sample of respondents, using different interviewers. Through test interviews we can check the survey instrument both for ease of administration, accuracy and usefulness of the information. The results provide accurate, complete survey databases all of the time.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Survey:

Other surveys include:

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We operate one call center located in Billings, Montana.

The software interviewing systems that we utilize allow for complex survey designs with skip patterns and several variations to include closed ended questions, multiple choice, rating scales, verbatim responses, as well as prompt questions.

Our Interviewers are thoroughly trained in both interviewing and customer service follow-up, and receive additional project by project training on specific requirements of each project.

We maintain a low supervisor-to-interviewer ratio. We have both English and Spanish speakers to conduct interviews. We also provide a toll-free incoming long distance line that allows hard to reach respondents the ability to return calls at their convenience.

This product was initially designed as a customer satisfaction program that was developed as a tool to evaluate customer satisfaction levels driven from some type of service or purchase experience. Over the years RIM Advertising, Inc. has expanded the development of this program gearing it directly toward companies who are either in the trucking, heavy equipment and/or industrial markets. As we continue to work with our clients, we clearly have established two distinctively different objectives or uses for this program.

The first objective is to concentrate only on development of a customer satisfaction index to help assure each company that they have the best business practices in place.

The second objective of this program has been to utilize this program as a complete marketing and management tool.

In either case, industrial companies need to know who their customers are, how well they are doing with their customers and how to maintain a cost effective way to keep in touch with their customers.

Customer Satisfaction Index
The primary focus of this program is to provide follow-up on all service and parts orders as well as new or used equipment sales to determine the customers level of satisfaction. Some businesses prefer to simply determine whether a customer is satisfied with their most recent experience at their business and if not, to allow us to gather the information as to why they are not satisfied and pass that directly to management. Others prefer to have a more detailed customer satisfaction report on several areas of their business process and develop a rating scale to help chart their progress from month to month and year to year. Monthly reports are developed to help show the results of the sampling taken. Questions are customized to fit your individual needs. Surveys are developed for each department in your business to help you gather valuable information.

Marketing and Management Tool
This program adds to the level of information that is received and the amount of information that is shared with the customer. As stated in the name this program is more then just a survey tool. This program includes surveying, marketing and management direction. A summary of this complete follow-up program includes the following:

  1. Central source for the creation of all advertising materials to include national as well as local publications. In the case of multiple dealerships under common ownership, this program also helps to create cooperation between locations to work together on advertising that can benefit more then one location. It also prevents each location from paying for the same exact service. Costs can be shared for a service by several locations if they all need the same thing.

  2. Central source to help create and maintain a corporate identity. There is strength in numbers and if you have multiple locations there is greater sales potential if marketed as a group.

  3. A Corporate marketing program helps to create better planning in each department. With the development of an annual marketing program, the parts department can better determine before hand what inventory will be necessary to have on hand for different promotions throughout the year. Planning also forces the service departments to take time to develop specials or services that will better relate to their individual markets. Good planning is always better then “shooting from the hip‿or reacting to the market. A good marketing plan is as essential to your business as creating budgets. Rim Advertising, Inc. will assist you with this process.

  4. This program, as we stated earlier, provides each location with a monthly parts and service mailer. This quality piece creates a different look then the rest of the mailers available in the market. This look increases readership. If worked effectively, this piece allows for local flexibility that is not available with other mailers. If parts inventory is out of line in one location, a promotion can help relieve some of the problem. Current supplies can determine specials, not what is being promoted by a primary supplier.

  5. In addition to the parts and service departments seeing a direct benefit from maintaining a current database and having a centralized mailing center; multiple dealerships with common ownership can combine to create a very cost effective used truck or equipment promotion, saving the entire company money. From our experience, we have discovered that many customers would like to know what is for sale or what is in the current inventory. Since the program would be in place for the service and parts department, it could provide an effective way to sell used trucks or equipment.

  6. As a part of our job, RIM Advertising, Inc. can also handle the filing of all co-op claims. We prepare the tear sheet and statement and fill out any necessary forms leaving a local manager to sign the claim and send it off.

  7. One of the many benefits of using RIM Advertising, Inc. for this type of complete marketing program is that we have experience in working with your industry, and are tapped into marketing activities that other dealerships or distributorships have found to be successful. We put this experience to work for you every day.

  8. By using our services for multiple locations the costs for individual projects can be reduced.
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